Westside Christian School (WCS) was started in the home of Pastor Greg Wright and his family. The oldest child began kindergarten in the fall of 1996 and was taught for a semester in the basement of their home. A family who was attending Westside Baptist Church requested to have their child homeschooled as well, and the "school's" enrollment doubled in size that second semester. The classroom then moved from Pastor Wright's home to the church building. The following year, another family asked to be apart of the Christian school that they had heard about, and from there, the word spread about WCS.

Despite having multi-grade classrooms, the need for more classroom space eventually arose. In 2003, the Christian Education Center (CEC) was completed, and the school moved permanently from the main church building to the CEC where it still resides today. WCS was considered a private school with closed enrollment. However in 2017, the policy was changed to open enrollment, allowing non-WBC members to enroll their children in the school. Since then, God has seen fit to continually grow the school.

God has faithfully blessed the school, always providing the students, teachers, volunteers and supplies that the school has needed. Some of the teachers have been long-term while others have been short term. Some students have attended for a short time while others have attended for their entire education. We continually look forward to each school year because even though challenges come, God always proves Himself to be greater than those challenges.