Westside Christian School is a ministry of the church for the purpose of training our children both spiritually and academically.  We are interested in training our children to be great servants for the Lord.  The school provides a faculty and staff that strives for excellence in every area.


We believe that Christian education should be superior.  We maintain high academic standards that more than adequately equip our children to excel in upper level education or in a specific vocational field.  Our teachers have the training necessary to meet the challenge of today’s education needs.


We are willing to shelter our children from early exposure to the harmful effects of the world and the deceptive philosophy of humanism that pervades our American culture.  As Christian parents, we believe it is our responsibility to protect and prepare our children rather than to place them at the mercy of the world’s teaching and friendship.


As Christian parents, it is also important to us that our children learn to see God in every area of life, including academics.  We attempt to show them the hand of God in the history of mankind, the order of God in mathematics, and the glory of God through literature and writing.  The basis of our philosophy is to give them great academic training so that they can serve a great God in a great way.