New Families

1) Fill out the Admissions Application - Only complete this form if you have not submitted one already.

2) Read the School Handbook

3) Fill out the Handbook Agreement

4) Read our Covid-19 Protocol

5) Fill out the Covid-19 Disclaimer & Waiver

6) Read our Uniform Guidelines - Please note that only alterations to adjust the fit in the waist and at the hems are allowed. Alterations to the style of the uniforms are not allowed.

7) Read our Tuition, Book Fees, and Scholarships

8) Fill out the TAP Application - Optional

9) Read our School Supply List

10) Fill out the DVD Classes & Study Hall Rules & Agreement - Junior high & high school only

11) Fill out the Field Trip/PE Release Form

12) Fill out the Emergency Medical Release - Next year, it will not be necessary to complete this form if your information remains the same.

13) Submit Immunization Records - Please email these to us at

You can also find these additional helpful forms during the school year:

1) Print a Pre-Approved Absence Form - After printing, fill out the information and submit the page for administrative approval at least 1 week prior to being absent.

2) Print a Records Request Form - There is a 48-hour processing period for transcript requests. At the beginning or end of a semester, please allow 1 week.

3) Information Change Form - Only complete this form if any of your information changes throughout the school year.